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Australia Day is a unique day in the history of Australia. The people of Australia celebrate it by saying happy Australia Day with great courage and spirit every year on 26th January. Also, it is the anniversary of the First Fleet. The First Fleet of the British ships arrived at the Port Jackson in 1788 under the command of Captain Arthur Phillip. Today, I have complete details about this day. Therefore, you can get all the details related to this day by reading the articles. Stay with me!

Australia Day

Many events are available in the entire world, but it is unique to other events. At first, some states were not agreed with the celebration of this day. With time, they started to realize the importance or significance of this great event. Also, the people of Australia know this day with other names. Do you the other names of this day? The other names of this day are Foundation Day, Invasion Day, and Survival Day.

austraila day 2020

On 13th May 1787, the British Admiralty sent a fleet of eleven ships from England to New Holland, which is known as First Fleet. As I stated, the First Fleet arrived on the Botany Bay under the command of Captain Arthur Phillip.

Furthermore, a few officers and Phillip started their journey to the Jackson Port on 21 January. They went to 12 Kilometers to the North to see the best place to settle. Until 23rd January, they lived or stayed on there and Captain Arthur Phillip gave the name to that place, Sydney Cove.

On the evening of 23rd January, Captain Phillip ordered the officers to move the ships or fleet to the Sydney Cove.  On the next day, a very strong wind was blowing, and that’s why they can’t leave the Botany Bay. Therefore, they decided to go to Sydney Cove the next day.

On the 24th of January, he saw the Astrolabes and Boussole ships, which were flying the French flags at the entrance of Botany Bay. However, they were having a big problem due to this thing. Moreover, powerful wind or bale was blowing, but they tried to leave the Botany Bay. Do you know who was successful in leaving the Botany Bay? HMS performed this high task.

Australia Day Facts

As I stated, the Australian people celebrate this day every year. So, this day has some special effects on the people. Moreover, people told their relatives, friends, and dear ones about the history, significance, and facts. Let’s start a discussion about the Australian Day facts!

About an estimate, one thousand people were present on the First fleet. Also, the first fleet carried 700 prisoners from Great Britain.

Australia Day Facts

On the 30th anniversary of this day, the Governor of the Government House of Australia hosted the 30 gun salute and ball. And it is the day when they started the holiday for working employees.

As you know, Australia is a big state. So, the anniversary of the First Fleet was celebrated in only New South Wales for the first hundred years. Also, the people of other colonies or parts of Australia were celebrated their national day or anniversary day.

The states of Australia understood or called this day as the anniversary day until 1935. From 1946, the people started to celebrate this day as foundation day or survival day. Moreover, the common activities of this day are barbecues, picnic, family gathering, ceremonies, beach parties, firework, music festivals, and sporting, etc.

Do you know about the biggest celebration of this day? On this day, people attend the program of Perth Skyworks. About an estimate, a minimum of 500,000 people takes part in this program.

As you know, it is a popular day in Australian history. However, 13,000 people became Australian to celebrate this day every year.

Australian Day Speech

On this great day, the people of Australia arrange programs in schools, colleges, and universities. Moreover, the students take part in speech, sports, and easy writing competitions. Also, the teachers appreciate the winners and give a prize.

If you want to arrange a program for the upcoming celebration, then you want to know my opinion. So, speech is the best idea to inform or told the people about this day. You can tell the people about the significance or importance of this day in your speech. Also, you can describe the history in your speech to inform the people. For this purpose, you have to know well about this event.

Australia Day Images

As you know, all the people in Australia try o celebrate this day every year. They share quotes, wallpapers, and many other things to wish or celebrate this event. And that’s why the people of Australia are searching for Australia Day images.

Australia Dayimages 2020

Happy Australia Day images for facebook

Australia Day images for pinterest

Australia Day images for Pinterest

Australia Day images for cover

Maybe, you want to get excellent images to impress your dear ones. So, hundreds of images are available for you. Also, you can select your favorite images because photos are different types. Do you know about the cost of these images? You can get any photo by zero cost.

Australia Day Celebration

You know that the citizens of Australia celebrate this day differently. Or they arrange different celebrations on this day. So, the people of Australia arrange and participate in the song, speech, and parade celebrations.

Moreover, they arrange the parties to describe the meaning of this day. Also, some people provide information about this day’s history, importance, and activities to other citizens of Australia. As I stated, it is an essential day for all the Australian people. Therefore, if you are an Australian, then you should take part or arrange any celebration. It may be possible that you live in any other country. So, you should know about the celebrations.

Australia Day Quotes

Nowadays, quotes are a specific way to inform or wish about any event. Quotes are some words, which have big, significant, and excellent meanings. Therefore, if you share quotes with your friends, dear ones, and lovers on this day, then it is excellent.

Australia Day Quotes images

I definitely love Australia. I’ve been to Sydney and

Melbourne a couple of times, and I love those places.
Taylor Lautner

I love Australia; it was a really, really nice experience for me. It’s such a beautiful place. The people are beautiful – like, really beautiful – and they are beautiful in terms of their personalities. It’s a great place to be. It’s like you are in a little bit of a dream world.

Shawn Mendes

I want to go to Australia and take the same goofy picture of me holding a koala that everyone else takes.

Jessi Klein

The 20th century has been characterized by three developments of great political importance. The growth of democracy; the growth of corporate power; and the growth of corporate propaganda against democracy.

Alex Carey

Thousand of Australia Day quotes are available on this page, which you can use to share with your lovers and friends. Moreover, you can get your favorite quotes without paying the cost. For example, you can get quotes about the history and importance of this great event.

Australia Day Flag

If you want to do something new at the upcoming celebration of this day, then I have a great idea for you. On this day, you should arrange a program at any place and have Australian flags and invite your all friends, dear ones, and family members. Also, you have to decorate the selected place with Australian flags.

Australia Day Flag

On the part, you should describe the history and significance of this day. After doing this, you provide the tiny flags of Australia to your all dear ones and lovers.  Now, you have to out from the place and walk around the 2 or 3 blocks by flying the flags. In this way, you can make an excellent celebration and also impress the people.

Australia Day Parade 2020

As you know, the people of all the states arrange the special parade at their events. Likewise, the Australian people take part in the parade on 26th January. Also, all the cities of Australia arrange the Australia Day parade that the citizens take part in the parade easily. Australia Day crafts are also available on this page of different types. If you want to get the crafts, then you need to see the below.

Australian Day Recipes

On this great day, many people in Australia make a lot of recipes to offer their friends, lovers, and dear ones. It is also an excellent idea to celebrate this day. Maybe, you want to celebrate this day by making different dishes. Firstly, you should know about the taste of your dear ones and then make dishes related to the choice.

Australian Day Recipes

Moreover, you should invite your friends and lovers to celebrate this day. Also, you can tell your friends and dear ones about the history and significance of this great event. After doing this, you should offer the sweet dishes to them related to their choice. I can believe in saying that you can impress your friends by making different recipes.

Australia Day Poems

As you know, artists, writers, and authors are present in each country. And they write about the countries and national days. So, it is also possible that the artists of Australia wrote many poems on this day.

I guess you never notice

But I love this great big land

I love its sheer beauty

It’s so big and bloody grand


You have the Blue Mountains

And the Great Dividing Range

You have the Stirlings in the west

And the Flinders are so strange


And then there’s the Grampians

And the Hamersley’s are there too

They’re so full of iron ore

The miners love them too


Then you have our rivers

The Murray comes to mind

A longer one I don’t think

You could ever find


Then you have the Avon

It runs so fast in flood

It only has a stony bottom

Cause it washed away the mud


Then you have our deserts

They’re all so hot and dry

You have to keep on waving

To keep away the flies


But when it rains out there

The wild flowers come to life

With all the colours of a rainbow

That stretch from sky to sky


It really is a wondrous place

This great big land of mine

From the mountains to the oceans

And all that’s bound in time


And you just know damn well

It’s the best you have ever seen

Because a better place there has never been.

– Dags

Therefore, you can describe the history by sharing or reading the Australia Day poems. Also, you can get many poems, which are related to the history of this day. Furthermore, you can arrange the programs in colleges, schools, and universities to inform the people about this day through the poems.

Australia Day Messages Quotes 2020

Australia Day messages 2020 are available here. So, any user can download the desired SMS without charges. Also, messages have different types. If you like to share the messages in different writing styles or with images, wallpapers, and quotes, then it is also possible.

Let us vow to work hard to make our nation grow with each passing day. Let us promise to make our nation a proud country with our dedication.  Australia Day 2020.

Australia Day Messages 2020

Want to know when and why Australians celebrate this day? They celebrate this day on 26th January. On this day, the first fleet of Britain reached the Jackson port successfully. The commander of the first fleet was Arthur Phillip. Also, eleven ships were under Captain Arthur. Eleven ships have 700 prisoners and 1000 people, which were along with Phillip.

God support America. God save the Queen. God shield New Zealand and Thank Christ for Australia. Happy Australia Day 2020!

Wishing all of you Happy Independence Day 2020!

May our nation progress every which way

How about we are pleased with Australia!

Glad Australian Day 2020!

The people of Australia share the history and importance of this day through the messages. Also, it is an excellent way to celebrate this day. That’s why I have different types of SMS for users. Let me discuss it!

Australia Day Messages 2020 Images

Hundreds of beautiful and excellent messages are available here with images. All the SMS photos are in HD format and for free of cost. Also, if you think of sharing the messages in the desired writing styles, then don’t worry.

You can download the favorite writing style images. It may be possible that you want the images for Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and Twitter. Then you can do it.

Australia Day Messages images 2020

Australia Day Messages Quotes 2020

Millions of people like to share messages with quotes. That’s why I brought up unique messages for your lovers and dear ones in quotes. Also, all the quotes in HD format that easy to read. Moreover, you don’t need to pay about getting the messages quotes. All the messages on quotes are different and unique writing styles.

Australia Day Wishes 2020

Australia day wishes 2020 is available on this platform for the users. Also, all the wishes are in HD format that easy to understand for users. If you don’t have enough resources, then all the collections of wishes are free of cost. Moreover, wishes with images, wallpapers, quotes, and SMS are available for you.

“People say that Aboriginal people should ‘get over it’, that ‘it was years ago’. But we aren’t asked to forget our history – why don’t we get over our war veterans and their struggles?”
—  Katie

Australia Day Wishes 2020

All the Australians take part to celebrate this day. Also, it is the day when the first fleet of Britain reached New South Wales. So, Captain Arthur Phillip reached the Jackson port by taking eleven ships. The ships have one thousand people and seven hundred prisoners.

“It’s really sad because it’s Invasion Day to us Survival Day”

happy Australia Day 2020

On this day, Australians share wishes with their lovers and dear ones. So, if you want to share your wishes with the pictures, then it is possible here. Hundreds of excellent wishes are present. All the wishes are free of cost and in HD format. Let’s talk about the types!

Australia Day Wishes 2020 Images

Many people like to share their wishes with prettiest images. Therefore, I brought up hundreds of images for the users. All the photos have excellent and unique wishes for your dear ones, lovers, and friends. Also, you can download the desired photos without charges.Australia Day Wishes 2020 Images


Australia Wishes Messages 2020

Many people of Australia like to share a text message. Also, it is an excellent way to wish your dear ones at any event. Thousands of charming SMS are available below, which have beautiful wishes. Also, all the messages are in different writing styles and formats. If you think that to afford the budget to download the messages is not possible for you, then don’t worry. All the SMS and messages are free.

It is far better to be alone than to be in bad company.
— George Washington

In Australia, not reading poetry is the national pastime.

Phyllis McGinley

Happy Australia Day Information

If you want to get the Australia Day information, then you are on the right page. Why is Australia Day on the 26th? You can get the answer to this question on this page. On the 26th of January, the first fleet arrived at the Jackson port, New South Wales, from Britain. In the first fleet, seven hundred prisoners, one thousand people, and eleven ships are included.

If you think what Australia Day means, then it is the anniversary of that day when the first fleet arrived on the Jackson port. Nowadays, many other countries also take part in this anniversary of this day. For example, Canada, China, Japan, the United Kingdom, and the United States, etc. celebrate this day.

Best Australia Day Decorations

Without decoration, the events are boredom. So, you have to decorate your house, streets, and bazaars on the upcoming celebration of this day. It means decorations are very important.

Moreover, if you want to do something different, then it is excellent. You can arrange the party decoration, table decoration, and table decorations, on this great day. Also, if you want to invite your friends, lovers, and dear ones to make decoration parties together, then you have a good idea. Instead of all these things, you should wish your friends and lovers by sharing gifs or messages.

Australia Day Salad

Do you think about making a salad on this day? Then, you have a superb idea. In Australia, people make different kinds of salad at events.

Australia Day Salad

So, you can make potato salad with smoked trout and salsa Verde dressing on this event. Moreover, you can make the tomato salad, pumpkin and quinoa salad, beetroot and feta salad, Tabouleh salad, etc. Also, you can make salad according to your wishes.

Australia Day Honors

If you want to know about Australia Day honors, then you are in the right place. As you know, it is a unique event in Australia’s history. So, the General of Australia honors to brave and excellent Government servants on this day.

Moreover, the governor-general Sir Peter Cosgrove AK MC announces to honors the other people. On this day, Australians honor to those people who sacrificed for Australia. And to those people who make many contributions to their country.

Australia Day Awards

Many types are Australia Day awards, which some judges offer to the Australian on the celebration of Australia Day. The categories of citizens’ awards are the citizen of the year, a senior citizen of the year, sportsperson of the year, student of the year, etc.   

Moreover, the kinds of the Australian awards are Australian of the year, senior Australian of the year, young of the year, and Australian’s local hero, etc.

Do you know the difference between the senior and young Australian wards? In the senior Australian, the people are present who over 65 years are. Also, the age of young Australians is 16th years to 30th years.

Australian Day Meanings

It is a national day in Australian history. On this day, the first fleet arrived at the Jackson Port, New South Wales, on the 26th of January in 1788. The commander of the first fleet was Captain Arthur Phillip, who arrived at New South Wales by raising the Britain flag. Also, one thousand Britain people, seven hundred prisoners, and eleven ships are included in the First fleet.

Moreover, the other names are also available for this day, like Foundation Day, Anniversary Day, Survival Day, and ANA Day, etc. And the celebrations of this are family gatherings, beach parties, and fireworks, etc.

National Australia Day Food 2020

As you know, all the people of Australia try to celebrate Australia Day by doing something amazing. On this day, the Australians make different sweet and salty dishes.

Australia Day Food

Also, the categories of the Australian Day food are Lamington, Meat pie, Vegemite Pavlov, Tim Tam, Anzac biscuit, and Chico roll. Moreover, Sausage sandwich, Burger with the lot, Wet Bix, and Sausage sandwich.

Australia Day Honors List 2020

The governor of Australia gives many awards to the different people at each event. Also, there are different types of awards. The main categories of the awards are two according to the year and Australian. So, the first types of awards are!

  • Student Of The Year
  • Young Citizen Of The Year
  • Sports Person Of The Year
  • Australia Day Award
  • Environmental Citizen Of The Year

Below, you can read the other awards, which are present in the second type!

  • Australian of the year
  • Senior Australian of the year
  • Australian Local Hero’s
  • A visitor of the Year

Do you know the difference between the youngest and a senior citizen or Australian? The age of the youngest person is 16 to 30 years. Also, the age of the senior persons is over age, who above 65 years.

Australia Day Fireworks

Australia Day fireworks 2020 celebrations’ details are available in this post. Also, the biggest celebration of Australia Day is fireworks. Thousands of people join this celebration on each 26th of January. The people celebrate this day with great courage. Also, you can know about that city, which has the biggest fireworks celebration.

Australia Day Fireworks 2020

Australia Day Fireworks 2020

This day has more importance in the history of Australia. On 26th January, the first fleet of Britain reached New South Wales in the morning. The commander was Captain Arthur Phillip of the first fleet. Also, one thousand people, seven hundred prisoners, and eleven ships were under the Captain.

On this day, people do different celebrations. The main celebrations of Australia Day are beach parties, fireworks, sports festivals, song competitions, award ceremonies, and the sharing of gifts.

Australia Day Fireworks

Also, the common celebration of this day is fireworks. Approximately people enjoy this celebration in each city. Let’s talk about fireworks times and locations in different cities!

Australia Day Fireworks 2020 in Sky Perth

Sky Perth is the most famous and beautiful city in Australia. Also, the biggest celebration of fireworks holds in this city. About an estimate, one million people join this celebration every year. So, if you want to enjoy this excellent celebration, then you have to travel to Perth city.

Furthermore, the people of this city arrange the fireworks in a different place. The names of locations and times are available below!

  • Event: Australia Day Fireworks
  • Location: Perth Waters, Swan River
  • Time: 8 PM

Australia Day Fireworks 2020 in Sydney

Sydney is the city through which Captain Arthur Phillip reached the Jackson Port. Also, Arthur gave the name Sydney to this city. Hundreds of Australians take part in this celebration. The reason is that the fireworks celebration in this city is different than others.

So, if you want to enjoy the fireworks in this city, then go to Sydney. Don’t worry about the location and times because each detail is present below.

  • Event: Australia Day Fireworks
  • Location: Barangaroo Reserve
  • Time: 8 PM

Australia Day Flag Raising Ceremony 2020

Want to know about the Australia Day flag-raising ceremony 2020? That’s good. Here, the flag-raising ceremony times in different cities are available. To join this ceremony for Australia Day is an excellent idea. Thousands of people celebrate the raising flag ceremonies each year on 26th January.

Australia Day Flag Raising Ceremony 2020

The Australians patriotic give more importance this day over others. In 1788, the first fleet of Britain reached New South Wales on the morning of 26th January. So, there are seven hundred prisoners, one thousand people and eleven Britain ships were involved in the first fleet.

Captain Arthur Phillip was the commander of this group. Also, he reached the Jackson port through the Sydney Cove. The Australian flags are flying in streets, bazaars, and on the roofs of the houses on this day. Also, some patriotic have small flags, and others have large flags.

Furthermore, Australians do many celebrations to celebrate on 26th January. So, the main celebrations are fireworks, raising flags, award ceremonies, beach parties, songs, festivals, and sports competitions, etc. Also, they share many things to wish their dear ones and lovers.

You should join the flag-raising ceremony on the upcoming Australia Day. Let’s talk about the timetable of flag ceremonies in big cities!

Australia Day Flag Raising Ceremony 2020 in Melbourne

Melbourne is the most beautiful city in Australia. So, it arranges the flag-raising ceremony on each 26th of January. Also, Governor of Victoria, Mayor of the town, and other high government officials include in this ceremony. Therefore, you have a golden chance to celebrate Australia day along with dreamed personalities. The time of raising ceremony in Melbourne is below!

  • City: Melbourne
  • Location: Melbourne Town Hall
  • Time: 10.30 – 11.00am
  • Address: 90 – 130 Swanston Street Melbourne

Australia Day Flag Raising Ceremony 2020 in Canberra

Canberra is the Capital of Australia. Hundreds of Australians join the flag-raising ceremony in this city each year. Also, the Prime Minister and Governor-General of Australia participate in this ceremony. So, they host 21 guns salute. The Australian’s Federation Guards raise the flag in the presence of government officials. Therefore, go to the Canberra and don’t miss the wonderful chance of raising ceremony. So, the timetable of this city of raising ceremony in Canberra is available below!

  • City: Canberra
  • Location: Rond Terrace, Lake Burley Griffin
  • Time: 9: 00 am
  • Address: Rond Terrace, Lake Burley Griffin, Canberra, Australia

Australia Day Flag Raising Ceremony 2020 in Sydney

As you know, Sydney is the most famous city in the world. In this city, the patriotic raise the flags in the morning of 26th January. Also, Arthur Phillip invented the name of this city. So, if you want to join the morning flag-raising ceremony, then go to Sydney. Therefore, the timetable, location, and address of the flag-raising ceremony 2020 are present below!

  • City: Sydney
  • Location: Sydney Harbour Bridge
  • Time: 7:45am
  • Address: Sydney Harbour Bridge, Sydney, Australia

Final Thoughts

As a result, it is an excellent and unique event. Therefore, you should celebrate this event by making some dishes, sharing images and quotes, and decorations. If you want more information about this foundation day or survival day, then you should write your query in the comment section.

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