Australia Day Celebrations 2020 – Fireworks, Public Holiday, and Activities

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Australia Day celebrations 2020 are coming with more excitement and patriotism.  The celebrations of Australia Day include fireworks, picnic parties, beach parties, sports competitions, music festivals, and family gatherings, etc. Moreover, all the houses, bazaars, and streets are filled with the Australian flags on this great day.

Australia Day Celebrations 2020

As you know, Australia Day is celebrated on 26th January. So, you should get ready to celebrate this day. Australia Day has an important history to his backward, or why do we celebrate this event. The first fleet arrived at the Jackson port, New South Wales on 26th January.

Australia day celebration 2020

Do you know what the first fleet is? The commander of the first fleet was Captain Arthur Phillip. He arrived at the Jackson Port with eleven ships, one thousand people, and 700 prisoners by raising the Britain flag. This task is very important in the history of Australia.

For the hundred years, the New South Wales celebrated this event only. Whereas the other states of Australia celebrated their anniversary dates or days. Maybe, you know that this day has many names. The people know this day with different names like Foundation Day, Anniversary days, ANA Day, and Survival Day. As I stated, hundreds of people celebrated this day by making various celebrations. Let’s talk about the various celebrations!

Fireworks Australia Day 2020

On this day, people arrange different celebrations, and the firework is a fantastic and excellent celebration.  Also, some people arrange a fireworks celebration together. The biggest celebration holds in the city of Perth Skyworks. About an estimate, five Lakh people participate in this celebration.

Fireworks Australia Day 2020

Do you know how many people become Australian every year? A minimum of thirteen thousand people become Australian every year. If you live in that city, then you can take part in this celebration easily. Otherwise, you should go there and enjoy this grand celebration.

History of Australia Day

Australia Day has an important history. As you know, the people of Australia celebrate this day on 26th January. On this day of January, the first fleet of Britain arrived in New South Wales. Moreover, the name of the commander was Captain Arthur Phillip.

Also, when Arthur arrived at New South Wales, he had eleven ships, seven hundred prisoners, and one thousand people. Captain arrived there raising the Britain flag.

Is Australia Day a Public Holiday?

Yes, it is a public holiday. As you know, Australians are celebrating the anniversary this day since 1789. So, the Governor of the Australian Government House hosted the 30 guns salute at the 30th anniversary. Also, the Governor announced that all the workers could celebrate this day as a public holiday. Therefore, the anniversary of this day has become the Australia Day holiday. All the workers in Australia are on holiday on 26th January.

history of australia day 2020

Some people don’t celebrate this day because they say that it is the day of mourning, not a holiday. They have a reason that the Aboriginal people protested against the Australia Day on 26th January 1938.

Australia Day Activities 2020

Hundreds of activities are held on this day. The reason is that the people of Australia try to celebrate this day in different ways every year. The main and popular Australia Day activities on this day are

Activities List

  • Award Distributions
  • Ceremonies
  • Music festivals
  • Sports competitions
  • Picnic parties
  • Beach parties
  • Family gatherings, etc.

Moreover, the firework activity is very common on this day. About an estimate, five hundred thousand people take part in his celebration. Hundreds of people go to the Perth Skyworks city to join the firework celebration. 

Final Thoughts

Consequently, Australia Day is an excellent event and you have known about the different celebrations of this day. Also, if you want to know about more celebrations, then you can write your query in the comment section.

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