Australia Day Games 2020 – Games and Activities for Elderly, Seniors, Kids

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Are you looking for Australia Day games 2020? Hundreds of games are available for those people who want to play any game on Australia Day. In this post, you can get the games for seniors, elderly, and preschoolers, etc. All the games’ ideas are free of cost for you. Australians celebrate this day on 26th January.

Australia Day Games 2020

Many Australians celebrate this day with great courage and spirits. It is a very important day in Australian history because the first fleet reached the Jackson port on 26th January. It means they celebrate the anniversary of the first fleet.

The first fleet has 11 ships, one thousand people, and seven hundred prisoners. Also, the commander of the first fleet was Captain Arthur Phillip. New South Wales celebrated this day only in the initial time. Other states of Australia started to celebrate the anniversary after a hundred years.

australia day games

Some don’t celebrate this event because it is the day of mourning, not a celebration according to their point of view. They gave to prove that the Aboriginal people protested against Australia Day in 1938. Do you know about the celebrations of this day? The common celebrations of this are fireworks, beach parties, songs festivals, sports competitions, and award ceremonies, etc.

People know this day with many other names. For example, Anniversary Day, ANA Day, Invasion Day, Survival Day, and Australia Day, etc. are the other names. On this day, people also play different games. So, if you want to know some games which you can play on Australia Day, then don’t worry. Let’s start a discussion about the games?

Australia Day Games for Senior 2020

As I stated, award ceremonies held on this day in different cities of Australia. So, awards are in different types. For example, wards are the senior citizen of Australia, Student of the year, a younger citizen of Australia, etc. The senior citizens are above 60 years.

Australia Day Games for Senior 2020

So, the senior can play hide and seek on this day. Moreover, they can participate in song festivals. Also, if they want to play cricket on Australia Day, then it is excellent. They can visit the see by use ships and go to the Jackson port.

Australia Day Games and Activities 2020

All the people do different activities on this day. Also, you can play your favorite games with your friends. The best game or activity for this day is that you should inform the friends and lovers about this day by doing something.

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You can go with your friends to Sydney Cove and cut the cake there to celebrate the anniversary of the first fleet. Moreover, if you can prepare a speech on this day and deliver it to other people by arranging a party, then it is excellent.

Australia Day Games for Preschoolers 2020

On Australia Day, all the preschools arrange a party and celebrate the anniversary of the first fleet. The preschoolers can play games of hiding and seek. Moreover, they can make a race have an egg on the spoon. You can advise to kids of preschoolers to play the chocolate games and offer the chocolate.

Gather the babies and offer them a big biscuit separately. And hang the Australian map on the wall. Now, you should advise them to make the map to the biscuit by eating. It will be an enjoyable moment for the kids. Also, you can give the painting competition to the preschoolers’ students.

Australia Day Games for Elderly 2020

The elderly are the people who can tell you about the history of any event. So, you should arrange a party at your home and invite lovers and friends. And you should say to your elder person that he has to inform the others about the history of this day.

Happy Australia Day Games 2020

Moreover, if elderly people want to play any game, then it is excellent. The best game for elderly people is the carrom board. Furthermore, they can play any video game in Australia together.

Australia Day Games Parties 2020

As you know, many Australians arrange parties on this day. Some people like to play games on the parties. It is an excellent idea for Australia Day. You can play any game with your lovers and friends. If appropriate, then arrange the party at your home or wide place.

Happy Australia Day Games

Invite your all friends at the party and deliver Australia Day speech of a few minutes. Then, decide about the game which you want to play. The best party game is that you should get moving with sack or 3 legs. It is an enjoyable game for all people.


As a result, the excellent Australia Day games 2020 is available on this site. If you want to get more details about the games, then don’t worry. You should write your demand or query in the comment section, which is available below.

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