Australia Day History – Why we Celebrate Australia Day? Complete History

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Australia Day History is available on this platform. Also, you can know the Australia Day 2020 history by reading this article. And it is free of cost for you. Hundreds of people celebrate this day over the world. And it is the anniversary of the first fleet’s arrival at the Jackson port. So, the Australians celebrate it on the 26th of January.

Australia Day History

When a few ships of Britain went out to search for the best settlement, a commander reached on the New South Wales. The name of the commander was Captain Arthur Phillip and he reached the Jackson port on 26th January 1788 by passing through the Sydney Cove.

Moreover, the commander has eleven Britain ships, which have seven hundred prisoners and one thousand people. Also, he raised the Britain flag. Then, the people of New South Wales started to celebrate this day. And only they celebrated it for a hundred years.

Australia Day History 2020

The people of Australia do various celebrations on this day. For example, the main celebrations are beach parties, award ceremonies, fireworks, song festivals, and sports competitions, etc. Also, the common celebration of this is fireworks, which is the biggest.

Why We Celebrate Australia Day?

Australia has many events, which have a different history and significance. As compared to other events, Australia Day is most important. People of Australia celebrate it as the anniversary of the first fleet. Also, this day has many different names. For example, people say this day Foundation Day, ANA Day, Invasion Day, Anniversary Day, and Survival Day.

Some people don’t celebrate it. Want to know the reason? The reason is that they say it is the day of mourning, not a celebration. The Aboriginal people protested on the 26th of January in 1938.


Final Words

As a result, Australia is a very memorable day. If you want more details about it, then reply to me.

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