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Australia Day memes 2020 is the best way to inform your friends about the history and significance of Australia Day and that’s why I have a lot of memes in different types. It means you can get funny and clean up memes to share with your friends and lovers. Also, the collections of memes are available free of cost.

Australia Day Memes 2020

It is the most important and wonderful day in the history of Australia. Now, many states are taking part to celebrate this day than in the past. As you know, Australians celebrate this day on 26th January every year.

australia day memes 2020

On the 26th of January, Britain’s first fleet reached New South Wales, Jackson port. 11 ships, one thousand prisoners, and seven hundred people are included in the first fleet. Also, Captain Arthur Phillip was commanding this fleet. The people of New South Wales celebrated this day every year, but other states of Australia started to celebrate this day after hundreds of years.

australia day memes

Australia Day has more names, which are Foundation Day, Anniversary Day, ANA Day, Invasion Day, and Survival Day. Some people don’t celebrate this day and say that it is the mourning day, not anniversary day. They have a reason that the Aboriginal people protested on the 26th of January 1938.

Australian people use different things to wish their dear ones on this day. Some people like to share memes on this day. Let’s start a discussion about the Australian Day memes!

Australia Day Funny Meme

If you want to share funny memes with your friends on this day, then it is possible on this page. I have thousands of memes for you, which you can share with your friends, dear ones, and lovers. Also, all the memes are free of cost for the users. The reason is that all people can get memes and wish their lovers. Moreover, memes are in HD format and different types. It means you can get memes of Australian people, animals, and the environment, etc.

Australian day memes 2020

Clean Up Australia Day Meme

It is the first right to clean up your country or state. Therefore, you should share clean up Australia Day memes with your friends and lovers. In this way, they can get a message to clean their country. If you think about to get the memes, then you should not worry.

happy australia day memes

I have a massive collection of memes for the users. All the memes give a lesson to clean their country like community clean up, clean up the day, and Australia Clean up, etc. Also, you can download your favorite memes in HD format. Moreover, the memes are available without charges.


As a result, Australia Day memes 2020 are the best to wish their dear ones on this day. By using memes, you can give lessons to your friends to clean up the country. If you want more memes for Australia Day, then write your query in the comment section.

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