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Australia Day poems 2020 are an excellent idea to wish your dear ones, lovers, and friends on this day. Also, all the poems are free of cost for you. Hundreds of artists are available in Australia, and they wrote many excellent poems for this day. In this post, you can get famous and also funny poems to share on Australia Day.

Australia Day Poems 2020

People of Australia celebrate on 26th January. The first fleet of Britain reached the Jackson Port under Captain Arthur Phillip on this day. Initially, New South Wales celebrated this event for a hundred years. Now, many states started to celebrate the anniversary of the first fleet.

Australia Day. We celebrate
in red and white and blue
or maybe green and gold
if sport’s our thing.

Our national pride is on our sleeves
and flags that flutter in the breeze
and parties on the beach
that’s girt by sea.

Diverse and multi-faceted
we pride ourselves on mateship
and giving a fair go
to some of us.

Egalitarian we are.
No one’s allowed to rise
above the common herd
and show us up.

And wogs and chinks and boongs
are welcome in our midst
as long as they’re prepared
to be like us.

Unless of course they come in boats
and threaten our security
by multiplying faster than
the rest of us.

We celebrate two hundred years
of history in our land.
before that nothing happened much
to write about.

David Esdaile

australia day poems

happy australia day poems

The people do different celebrations on this day. For example, beach parties, award ceremonies, fireworks, sports competitions, and song festivals, etc. Do you know a common celebration? The most famous and biggest celebration is the fireworks. About an estimate, 3 million people participate in the fireworks celebration.

Australia Day also has other names, like Invasion Day, Survival Day, Foundation Day, and ANA Day, etc. Let’s start a discussion about the poems for this day!

Famous Australian Poems

As I stated, many poets are available in Australia. The people of Australia share their poems on this day to wish their dear ones. So, the most famous poems are Beach Burial, Clancy of the Over Flow, Australia Fair, and was it the Sun That Broke My Dream, etc.

It’s definitely different in the States. Americans are many different people compared to us. We’re much more laid back. I itch to get back to Australia every summer because it’s so fast-paced there and so stressful.

Andrew Bogut  

australia day poems 2020

Moreover, many other popular poems are available, which you can use to share with your friends. Also, you should give the task to five students to learn the lyrics. And you should arrange a party and invite the students and your friends or lovers. After listening to the poems, you should appreciate the children.

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Funny Australian Poems 2020

Some Australians try to do something funny on this day. Therefore, I have hundreds of funny poems for you. All the poems are free of cost for you. Moreover, you can get the lyrics in HD format and different writing styles. Also, you can get the poems with pictures, wallpapers, gifs, etc. So, if you want to download the poems, then you should have a stable internet connection and internet supported device.

best poems for Australia day 2020

Final Thoughts

Consequently, if you like to share Australia Day Poems 2020, then it is the best site for you. More information is available, which you can get by writing your query in the comment section.

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