Australia Day Public Holiday 2020 – is 26th of January a Public Holiday?

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Want to know about the Australia Day holiday 2020? That’s good. The people of Australia celebrate it as a holiday and do many celebrations. So, all the details about this day are available on this post. On the 30th anniversary of the first fleet’s arrival, the governor of Australia hosted 30 guns with a salute. Also, he announced that all the schools, colleges, universities, and offices would be closed on 26th January.

Australia Day Public Holiday 2020

When the First fleet reached New South Wales, Captain Arthur was commanding the first fleet. Eleven Ships have one thousand people and seven hundred prisoners and they are the first fleet. Also, the captain reached the Jackson port by raising the flag.

Australia Day Public Holiday

Therefore, Australians celebrate this day as the anniversary of the first fleet’s arrival. They do various celebrations on the 26th of January. For example, they do beach parties, award ceremonies, sports competitions, fireworks, and song festivals, etc.

Furthermore, the common celebration of this is fireworks. And about an estimate, three million people participate in it. Some people don’t celebrate Australia Day because they say it is the day of mourning. On the 26th of January, the Aboriginal people protested against Australia Day in 1938. Therefore, they say that it is not a celebration day.

Is Australia Day is a Public Holiday?

Yes, all the states celebrate this day as a public holiday. The reason is that the governor of Australia ordered Australians to celebrate it as a public holiday on its 30th anniversary. So, the people started to celebrate it. Moreover, many other names of Australia Day are present. For example, Anniversary Day, Foundation Day, Invasion Day, ANA Day, and Survival Day, etc.

happy Australia Day Public Holiday 2020

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Consequently, you can celebrate it as a public holiday. Reply to me by writing your query in the comment.

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