Australia Day Salad 2020 – Salad Recipes Excellent Ideas for Australia Day

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Are you looking for Australia Day salad 2020? That’s good. I have top salad ideas, which you can make on Australia Day by costing some money. As you know, Australians make different dishes on the 26th of January and offer to their guests and other people. The main celebrations of this day are fireworks, award ceremonies, song festivals, beach parties, and sports competitions, etc.

Australia Day Salad 2020

This day plays a very important role in the history of Australia. In fact, Australians celebrate the anniversary of the first fleet. Commander Arthur Phillip reached New South Wales on the 26th of January. He had 11 ships, 100 people, and 700 prisoners.

Australia Day Salad

Australia Day Salad Recipes 2020

Many people in Australia make different recipes on this day. So, you can make different salad recipes on 26th January. The different salad recipes ideas are available below.

  • Mexican Street Corn Salad
  • Rice Noodle Salad with Vietnamese Dressing
  • Roasted Vegetable Tabbouleh with Coconut Tahini Dressing

Australia Day Salad Ideas 2020

If you want to make a salad on this day to eat or offer to your friends, then it is possible. I have the top ideas to make different salads. Let’s talk in detail!

  • Tomato Salad

Take some tomato to make salad according to your desire. Cut the tomato into big pieces and keep them in a plate. Now, sprinkle the salt on it according to your taste and keep it about thirty-five minutes. Then, you have to dress the tomato with virgin olive oil.

Tomato Salad

  • Beetroot and Feta

It is the best one salad in Australia that is offered with a sandwich at the school, universities, and colleges. If you want to make it, then don’t worry. Firstly, take some beet and cut into pieces according to your desire. Then, take feta and cut it into pieces. So, you have prepared the beetroot and feta salad.

Beetroot and Feta

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