Flag Day Activities For Elementary Students 2020 – Activities For Flag Day 2020

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On the day of 14th June, American celebrates Flag Day. On the same day, every person of Us wants to celebrate the day. Flag Day is not only for men, women and old age people but it is also for kids. Children also want to enjoy the Flag Day. The elementary school’s boy finds some activities which they want to perform on Flag Day. So, I have Flag Day Activities for Elementary Students.

Flag Day Activities For Elementary Students  

If you are looking for fun and activities, then don’t worry. Our activities can use Dads, Moms and also Childs. For children, people provide many activities like hand printing, Raising the flag and much more.

But I have a different activity for Elementary students. Are you want to know about these activities? So, Stay with me.

Flag Day Activities for Elementary Students  Tear Paper Art  

Children can use the tear art paper for making a Flag. Glue the paper on to another sheet instead of cutting; children want to tear it with their hands. Just determine that for what size they want to make the stars and stripes with tear paper.

Star Cookie Cutters

Collect a few star-shaped cookie cutters and empty dishes of red and blue oil paint. Say to the kids to have to turn the pressing cookie cutters into the paint; then construction paper will make the star-shaped prints.

Stars And Stripes Sandwich Bag

Every child should have a plastic sandwich bag in the class. Collect the different star shapes from red and blue construction paper.

Also collect the ribbons, glamour, and stickers or aluminum foil with the same color. Say to the children to place the items only and smoothly in the bag.

With a towel between the foil and the table, Put the bag between the two pieces of the foil, the bag should be flat on the table.

When the bags are cool, then put away the foil and say to the children to compact to star shapes.

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Stars And Stripes Sponge Painting 

Childs should have blue and red oil paint, sponges, and white construction paper. Say to children to cut the sponges into stars and long stripes. On the with paper, children should make the sponges print with red and blue paint.

There are many other flag day activities for elementary students that can be done by kids on this historic day. If you are looking for a specific activity, then don’t forget to leave a comment below. I will respond to you as soon as possible.

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