Flag Day Celebration Ideas | Flag Day Decorations Ideas 2020 (USA)

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Everyone wants to celebrate the flag day and do something amazing. If you’re going to celebrate the flag day, then don’t worry I have some ideas for the celebration. Maybe, anyone knows about these ideas which I’ll tell you. So stay with me to know about the Flag Day Celebration Ideas.

Flag Day Celebration Ideas

The 4th of July is a flag day celebration. Flag day celebration is known as an American military birthday. You can celebrate this day with your friends, family, and relatives and also join the children.

Flag Day Celebration Ideas.

Flag Day Invitation

Start with a special invitation to patriotic people with a flag theme. You can also send an invite to your neighborhood for block parties. For an exciting way of invitation, you can make a flag on a chart with bright colors and hang it in front of your window. It will show off your patriotic spirit. Send an invitation to your friends and families by making the day more beautiful.

Handprint Flag

You have to design the flag on your child’s hand and give them a small flag. You can also make a small paper flag for your children.

Mosaic Flag

Making a mosaic flag is effortless. Patriotic people can also celebrate the flag day by making a mosaic flag with red, white and blue paints. The walls of your house will show a wonderful display of patriotism.

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Flag Day Table Decorations and menu

Make the flag on the table with red, white and blue colors. Matching flag paper, plates, glass, cups, and napkins are should be there. Everyone should wear a cap with a flag theme, and also balloons should be fly around your table of red, white and blue colors. At dinner time, you have to sit with your kids and give them sweet dishes which they like.

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