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Flag Day USA 2020 Information History – June 14 flag Day History

Its national flag recognizes a country. A flag is a symbol to represents a country’s name. So, every year, every country celebrates “Flag Day.”  There is an old Flag Day History. A flag day is to celebrate a historic day for raising flags. Flag day started in 1949.

An official flag day in the United States is an important day. It started on June 14, 1777, under the first Continental Congress. During the revolutionary war, it became the central symbol. Every year, Americans celebrate this year on 14 June with great honor

Flag Day History

Flag Day History

In 1885, very First Flag Day took place in Wisconsin and was designed by CJ Cigrand. People also know him as the “Father of Flag Day.”

In 1916, it was accepted national gratitude by President Woodrow Wilson; he said to American people to celebrate Flag Day each year on June 14. People celebrate it every year on June 14th as Flag Day in the United States.

People believe that Betsy Ross who stitches the uniforms and tents during the revolutionary war. This man also first sewed and designed American Flag.

Then a teacher named Bernard Ligand created the idea to celebrate an annual flag day across in the United States in every 14 of June.

It has three colors white, red and blue. The red color shows bravery and hardiness. The blue color symbolizes determination, vigilance, and justice. The white color represents peace and pureness.

Observer National Flag Week

In every Flag Day, the President of America raised the flag and urge people and encourage them to raise flags during National Flag week in observance of Flag Day.

In the whole week, National Flag Day celebrated in many ways. There are processions in the United States mainly in Quincy, Massachusetts, which parades the longest-running on Fag Day.

Troy and New York people also celebrate and take part in the longest-running. It is reported “The Times” people of Tory and New York held parade including 50000 people and it is the longest parade in the world ever.

To sing the national anthem is also an essential part of this day. People also held special programs at historical places. In towns and cities, people celebrate and enjoy other activities; you can see what kind of entertainment will be available in your area.

It is must be taken to keep flags are not be touched on grounds when flags are taken down from poles. The crown of people come into the parade to celebrate this day.

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Celebrate With Your Friends

On this particular day, people invite their friends and family members and enjoy great fun. They also raise flags on their houses with their friends. You can serve barbecues with your friends.

It is common that people celebrate this event with friends and family members. In my opinion, the celebration of the event is significant.

Celebrations renew the Flag Day History in front of the youth. Moreover, it is essential to renew history in front of the youth. If the youth is unaware of the spirit of the nation, then it is not possible to survive against enemies.

There are many ways to celebrate this day. You can follow these ways on this day. For example, you can arrange to get to gather with friends and family members.

Moreover, you can arrange a competition about the flag to motivate others on this day. In these arrangements, your friends should help you from their hearts.

Wrapping Up

On the same day, the United States Army also celebrates its birthday. Flag Day History consists of a lot of memories.  So, people celebrate with great honor; they take part in parades and enjoy the whole day with friends and family. Even though National Flag day Is a federal holiday, but it is observed an important day ever!